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CHARACTER NAME: Gaara of the Desert


Backtagging: Definite yes.
Threadhopping: No problem. Bonus points for humor.
Fourthwalling: Yes, to an extent. Please, no fourthwalling about his fight with his father in the war.
Offensive subjects (elaborate): I have a pretty twisted sense of humor, so most subjects are fine. If anything seems excessive, please ask first.


Hugging this character: Only if you’re a good friend. Otherwise, he won’t even let you get close.
Kissing this character: If his powers are sealed or you can somehow catch him off-guard. Generally, he’d reserve kisses for his significant other.
Flirting with this character: Go for it. Gaara most likely will not get it at all, so prepare for frustration and lulz.
Fighting with this character: Yes. Gaara is a ninja, and no stranger to fighting. Given his wide range of offensive and defensive capabilities, it won’t be an easy match.
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): If you can get around his shield and armor, and then past his teleportation and sand clone techniques. Gaara rarely gets injured, and will probably become a little mentally unstable if the wound is a serious one.
Killing this character: His canon death isn’t enough? Aww. Anyway, it’s possible. If it happens, it happens, but Gaara isn’t easy to kill.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Yes. It might actually be good for him, because he usually has more thoughts and introspection than dialogue. Anything related to his family or his traumatic past – please don’t broadcast to the network.
Triggers: Calling him a freak or a monster will garner instant dislike. He particularly hates abandonment and betrayal. Poking around the darker corners of his past might rile him up. It would not be a good idea to provoke him on the subject of losing family or his lover.

Warnings: This Gaara is more prone to violence than in canon. Being at the facility has put him on-guard almost all the time, and the constant exposure to life-threatening situations kicks his survival instincts into high gear. On the night of a full moon, he will be even more aggravated and tense than usual, from struggling to mentally suppress Shukaku’s influence. Speaking of the devil, Gaara is the host of the One Tail spiritual beast. If unleashed, he has a preference for excessive violence, alcohol, sexual deviancy, and mind-fucking – especially if you have any importance to Gaara. It’s best to stay the hell away if he comes out.


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